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Asia Forestry's aim is to provide a new style of innovative financial products that allow the general public to invest in themselves, the community and the environment: Forestry Investment. Asia Forestry also provides the organization to facilitate institutions in making their portfolios more attractive: higher returns for those needing solid investments, and more "green" for those wanting more responsibility in their investing. We believe that it is important to protect and maximize investments, as well as to invest in socially responsible ways. In this day and age with worries about global warming and ecological disruptions, we can no longer look forward to profits without regards to people and planet. Asia Forestry gives you the ability to invest in your future and in your children�s future simultaneously. When an investor looks for investments, they are typically limited to cash, bonds, stocks and shares - as well as a number of commodity style products. As we all know, a balanced portfolio is always recommended; however, the difficulty in finding commodity funds that allow direct investments in the traded assets, without having to invest in the company can be nearly impossible. Asia Forestry solves this problem for you, allowing a truly diversified portfolio and real financial benefits over the short and long term. Our simple solution is to create sustainable managed forestry vehicles that provide investors direct access to forestry assets.

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