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VAYAM : The Company Launched in 2008, VAYAM Group is a fast progressing Indian organization which, in 2010 stands as a strong organization with clear demarcation of future goals, limits of extension & functional attributes. VAYAM Group is a consortia of interlinked organizations which strive for the mutual goal of human excellence in various sectors, with Archery as its flagship project. VAYAM as an archery pioneer organization & takes pride in the fact that it is the first of its kind to implement its unique thought process, of customer centric services. It imbibes within itself, severe codes of conduct,ethical & customer based functionality & stringent quality control measures to ensure top-of-the-line services & products. At VAYAM, we practice meritocracy, which basically means that everything happens at VAYAM, based only on merit. If you’re good at what you do, you will be a part of us. Dhanurved: Teaching Archery Introducing The Revolution • Dhanurved, meaning the science of archery, is a wholly owned subsidiary of VAYAM Visionaries & Entrepreneurs, an indian archery pioneer firm. • Dhanurved signifies the first stage of the change that VAYAM is trying to bring across the Indian sporting industry. • Dhanurved has a specific focus. That, of altering the public perspective towards archery & making it a popular way of life, like Tai-Chi in China, Kyūdō in Japan, Golf in the elite circles across the globe. • Out of the exercise, Dhanurved would primarily also serve as breeding grounds for National,World & Olympic participants, medalists & champions.

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