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We provide services and solutions in business communications. Started in the year 1982 by E. Ranganathan who graduated in art and choose applied arts as his profession. In the year 1990 he was joined by his son R. Kiran Kumar who is presently heading the Graafitek with a team of passionate and dedicated people. We have not treaded the same old beaten path like others in the field, but charted out our own way by incorporating revolution and fusion in our thinking processes to make our so exclusive, creative and technical,usable and functional, prompt and professional, that has repaid us with reward, recognition and above all TRUST of wide spectrum of clients. We at Graafitek see our growth interlinked with the gorwth and prosperity o four customers and to ensure this, our challendge is to understand in depth the needs and requirements of our customers, and through this understandinf deliver quality productgs through right perception, right attitude, involving our clients also in our work.

Recruiter of sector Advertising / PR
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