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Kilulu (2000) Limited

This is a new company in Tanga, Tanzania (E Africa), whose directors have taken repossession of a piece of land (about 4,000 acres) that used to belong to the family before socialism in Tanzania. The family wants to return home and restore the land and its memory. This was once a Sisal Estate which exported about 1000 MT of produce and employed about 1000 people. After 30 years, left to the winds and vagaries of a village environment that fell back in time, the place is in ruins. It needs to be rehabilitated and restored. Surrounded by about a dozen villages, the area is in the heart of cashew nut country in Northern Tanzania. We have th potential capacity to harvest and purchase about 2000 MT every year. At this time there are about 30,000 cashew nut trees on the farm to be recovered from the bush, and about another 250 acres of land needs to be cleared for planting trees and cash crops. All the work of reconstruction has to be done from scratch from infrastructure, capacity building, clearing, maintaining the delicate balance between the investor and the surrounding villages, creating a feasibility study that will win us more funds to develop the nature reserve and attend to rampant deforestation in a rare low coastal woodland. Problems and Challenges Climate Change Water supply Deforestation AIDS and Malaria and other vector-borne diseases Backwardness and poverty in the surrounding villages Globalisation Opportunities Development of Cashew processing Export of Raw Cashew Nuts Execution of innovative Land Development ideas Serving the villages with health and education Development of an exclusive tourist attraction with a private club Much more At this time the family is looking for the right general manager who will run the show, based on the conceptualisation of a development project based on restoration of memory and preventing extinction of a special culture.

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