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SAKA Foreign Worker Recruitment Agent)

SAKA Foreign Worker Recruitment Agent)

As Buddhist we firmly believes in Buddhist philosophy and according to it SAKA means a Name of a Star and it is believed to to the birth star of Gutam Buhhda (Lord Buddha) “SAKA” According to the origin myth recorded by Herodotus, the Sakas arose when three things fell from the sky: the i) plough, ii) sword and iii) cup. The progenitor of the Sakas picked them up and hence the Saka race began its long history of conquering lands, releasing its bounties and enjoying the fruits of their labor SAKA Associate, we are Foreign Worker Recruitment Agent in Bhutan and only private firm dealing of kind , as of today we have lots of developmental works going on in the country and we are running short of people. any one intrested to work in any part of Bhutan may contact us. Instead of going for costly advertisement and spending your valuable time in interviewing all sorts of candidates, just write or call us about your specific requirement and rest we shall take care of. For the same as the aspirants are keen to know concerning the following details we would like you to give us the following details, as and when you require to recruit. •Experienced/ Fresh •Salary range •Job description specifying areas of responsibilities. •Accommodation •Place of posting •Other benefits Providing an immigration advice is often a service that we offer as part of recruitment package to our prospective and current clients for the non-national workers. We stand behind our services, our guarantee. We will replace a candidate you recruited through us, who is found to be incompatible, inharmonious or unsuitable, within 90 days at our own expenses (provided that all contractual obligations have been met with).We are looking forward for your kind cooperation.

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