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Self Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action

In April 1997, a few colleagues who had spent a decade or more at PRADAN felt the urge to form a new group, to work under a new identity, in order to allow themselves space and autonomy to try innovative ways to work for the rural poor. Acronym SRIJAN means an act of creation in Sanskrit. The full name, Self-reliant Initiatives through Joint Action, has two sub-themes embedded in it – self-reliance and joint action. We believed that development couldn’t be promoted on large scale by charity, by grants; ways must be found to promote less subsidized models of poverty alleviation, the ones that promote self-reliance and enhance self-respect of those who are called “beneficiaries”. SRIJAN is a grassroots implementation as well as a support agency committed to promote sustainable and self-reliant models of development. The Aim SRIJAN aims to promote strong self-reliant village organizations, partnerships and enterprises to enhance people’s access to natural resources and their capacity to manage them sustainably. It proposes to use collaboration with government as a strategy to create space for poor men and women and their organizations in planning and implementation of various government schemes and to enhance inclusion, transparency and accountability in institutional mechanisms. The Methods and Profile of Our Work SRIJAN is founded as a professional organization to do the following: Undertake grassroots action projects aiming at livelihood Build capacity of Government and NGOs in rural development programmes especially NRM and SHG programmes Provide policy and project design support to donor agencies and recipient Governments. We have done for the World Bank, DFID, SDC, Sida and WFP in Rajasthan, MP and Karnataka.

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