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VISION STATEMENT: “We are artists in the science of recruitment, changing peoples lives, changing companies lives” MISSION STATEMENT: Our vision is to be a global recruitment company CHANGING PEOPLES’ LIVES CHANGING COMPANIES’ LIVES We are people artists, honouring and respecting the unique individuality of each employee in SGR (ourselves), the candidates we represent and the companies we empower. We are relationship scientists, Coaching and sourcing the best skill, heart and talent, towards building our own and clients financial success and employee personal happiness. We are lifestyle custodians, Holding with courage our dream of uplifting families, communities and countries by creating a home away from home for all in the workplace. We are brand ambassadors, That through our own integrity, passion and ethics we become a valued partner to our clients by sourcing valued employees, to become the best they can be. YES WE HAVE THE COURAGE !!

Recruiter of sector Engineering, located inAbroad
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