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Aerospace Division Executive Overview The Taylor Group of Companies was established 10 year ago to assist Aerospace partners to design, test, build and manage more efficient/hybrid Engineering solutions. The owner, John Taylor who was a Vice President from Thinkpath Engineering and Siemens Engineering, had a passion to design and implement a flexible delivery model of quality solutions for the rapidly changing Canadian/US design and manufacturing world focused on new aircraft program development. With a team of Engineers led by Dr. Toma (Director of Engineering) they developed innovative Delivery Models utilizing the latest Computer Aided Engineering tools combined with Aerospace subject matter experts focused on DESIGN & STRESS (CAD/CAM, Simulations, Stress & Finite Element Analysis) for new program development. Many clients requested that we provide these services on site at the clients location and from there clients demanded we expand to provide a full range of Electrical, Mechanical, Avionics, Systems, Software, Methods and other Technical experts on site. From the demand we decided to build a proprietary engineering contract network to compliment work being sent directly to our office locations. To serve our clients with continuous improvement we started to offer hardware and software with our Engineers and Technologists and further worked with clients to increase efficiencies by expanding to low cost regions of the globe – Eastern Europe – Asia – India. Today we feel we have the most comprehensive hybrid offerings as it relates to global contract engineering including technologists and technicians. The end result is 3 main delivery models with the 4th being any combination to create hybrids to meet our clients ever changing requirements. In our focused group discussions with client executives we have found they require our services to address the following new challenges in New Product Development: 1)Access to quality Engineering and Technical contractors quicker and at more competitive rates 2)Engineering Services partners who can assist in delivery of quality new product development on time, and on budget 3)Consulting firms who can provide more than recruiting services! Agency on steroids model !!! Our clients are demanding us to be in a position to bring 2-3 quality services to compliment recruiting. ie Testing Aerospace designers; providing hardware and software; being able to open an office quickly providing hardware, software and engineers…etc, etc. On-Site Engineering Services at our clients locations On-Shore Engineering Services at one of our 8 offices Off-Shore Engineering Services at one of our offshore locations or offshore at a client’s location Custom hybrid of all of the above. Flexibility, quality, speed to market and lowest cost being the main drivers. One of the major challenges in Aerospace is rampant escalation of costs. To assist our clients in this area we have opened partnerships in many low cost countries where we can provide quality engineers sometimes locally or provide Design/FEA/Stress Engineering Services at 50% lower cost to Canadian product development cost structures. Global locations for TTG are now in the following countries •US •UK •Romania •Belarus •Russia •China •India

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