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United Capital Club

Knowingly or unknowingly the industry to which you have joined is commonly known as

Referral Marketing/ Affiliate Marketing/ Direct Marketing or Home Bases Business. Today,

your choice of Referral Marketing either as part time business or as a career has shown yourself

to be a great leader. This is a business of someone who has an open mind and wants total

freedom from the rat race. It is also a great business for those who take challenge in their life and

it is not the right business for those who want to run their life with comfort.Referral Marketing is one of the strongest growth industries in the world. It is a revolution for

common people. And also the real chance in the free enterprise system for the average person

without large capital to become financially free. Now that you have made the decision to join

this empowering profession, you’re in for a career of unlimited financial opportunity and the

chance to make meaningful difference in the life of the people you care the most about.


    This training module is your first step and the most important one in the process of achieving


Recruiter of sector Internet / new media, located inOdisha, From 11 to 50 workers
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